The sword of abuse
needs to be identified
needs to be prayerfully removed
and God's healing balm
   applied to the wound
which needs to be bound up
   to stop the emotional  "bleeding"

   External Links to Ministries
      and csa services.


This site is for
 non offending adult male survivors
of child sexual abuse.

It is a condition of use
that the site owner and author
 is absolved from any and all liability.

this is a ministry not a councelling service
based on applying God's word
the experiences of a survivor

Faith in Christ
and belief that the Bible
 is the revealed word of God
are conditional.

doubts, unbelief, cynicism
need to be addressed before reading this site
because  faith is it's presupposition.

Breaking free from the bondages of csa

  • overcoming our denial  -   behind the wall,  the locked door of our heart
  • overcoming others denial - some people don't want to know.
  • finding those we can trust with our disclosures
  • finding those who understand
  • locating resources
  • taking responsibility for our actions and reactions
  • not accepting blame for things we were not responsible for
  • undoing negative scripts
  • below the pus of bitterness is the sword of abuse
  • dealing with offences
  • in need of an informed and trustworthy councellor
  • Pastoral care from a skilled,informed and caring Pastor.
  • mutual support between survivors
  • we were victims, we are survivors,  we want to recover as much as possable
  • God's grace to overcome
  • receiving God's comfort