Forgive us - implies that we receive forgiveness

as we forgive those who sinned against us

    implies both a condition to being forgiven
              and a key to releasing forgiveness
              into our lives
lets search the scriptures for further insight
There is no doubt that the exercising of real forgiveness
is a powerful,
and significant
some say essential
step in recovery,

conversely incorrect teaching
premature, cheap, short cut "forgivenes" is a great barrier

I am working on "the forgiveness project"

sorry - under development

I have heard good teaching
but I must sort out copyright and acknowledgement issues

best advice - God does not mind us asking questions
and taking our objections to Him

some find forgiveness releases  healing

some found after experiencing healing they were able to forgive

forgiveness is based on the fact that Jesus took the judgement due to the evil doer
He took the crime, the abuse, the offense seriously.

Forgiveness is not forgetting
Forgiveness is not making excuses
Forgivenes follows a recognition that God judged the sin

Forgiveness presupposes an awarenes that God loves survivors and He releases ministry to restore us.

more to come